“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.13): Having a good-looking LLBFF is the best revenge

Back at Jane’s, Maura is on the laptop and Jane is wondering why she hasn’t been allowed to peel that exquisite turquoise dress off her woman yet. I mean, really, what is the hold up? Oh, here’s why – Steve from her class reunion, as found murdered on the football field. He was shot with a home-made silencer.

His wife is shaken up, obviously, and Dana Kate takes her home because they’re like “family.” Now this whole mean girl thing toward Jane is making sense. They were all “family” and secretly had a thing for Jane. Doh, why didn’t I piece this together sooner? I bet they’re enjoying this view, complete with Ponytail of Righteous Justice, quite a bit.

The next morning, Jane is finally out of that dress and has taken what I can assume was a very needed shower (consolation sex after a high school friend died isn’t necessarily as fun or athletic as make-up sex, but can still work up a sweat). She’s walking around in her kitchen in nothing but a green towel getting ready for work. First of all, I think I speak for all gay ladies when I say, “Drop the towel! Drop the towel!”

Then her computer starts talking to her, but it’s not a creepy Hal situation. It’s a creepy Lt. Col. Beard Force situation. Sneaky webcam stalker much, sir? They blah blah blah about blah blah blah. Actually, mostly they talk about boobs – and not Jane’s. Oh, Det. Rizzoli, your gay is showing. And then we all wish aloud that her gay really was showing when she jokes that she’s going to get rid of both towels for “Naked Day at BPD.” You tease.

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