“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.09): Check your mate

Case closed, the Rizzolis are all back where they belong – Maura’s house. Mama Rizzoli has returned from her trip to Atlantic City with the entire contents of her mini fridge. Tommy is there still trying to woo Maura with his knight moves. And Jane is there proudly displaying her big gay sensitivity training completion certificate. It has a rainbow in it and everything. I think this means we officially owe her a toaster oven. Check your mail, Jane, it should arrive in four to six weeks.

Before Maura can throw her a proper coming out party with streamers and a private concert by Melissa Etheridge, Jane’s phone rings. It’s Doyle. He says he’s one of the good guys – comparatively. And then he tells Jane to “take care of my daughter.” I’m pretty sure this means he just gave his blessing to their relationship. Do you think Mama Rizzoli, Mother Isles and Daddy Doyle all attend the same PFLAG meetings?

Flush with parental approval, Jane saunters over to the chess board and casually checkmates Tommy. Maura is all, “You play chess, oh my God, everyone get out of my house immediately so we can play strip chess right now.” Jane looks at a sheepish Tommy and says she taught him everything he knows: “Tommy’s not the only Rizzoli with a beautiful mind – plus I have the beautiful body to go with it.”

The look on Maura’s face is one of awe and relief. Like, “Ah-ha, now I finally understand why I had this weird attraction to Tommy. He’s Jane-lite.” That’s right, Maura, accept no substitute. Oh, and Tommy, that’s what you get for checking out Jane’s mate.

And now, on to your #gayzzoli hilarity. Bring on the tweets!

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