“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.08): Maura kisses a boy and Jane doesn’t like it


Jane leaves with Korsak to investigate the nail salon. Korsak complains about the nail fungus he picked up at another salon. The female co-owner sells him an enormous $112 bottle of some crazy solution she says will cure it. Jane teases him saying he’ll finally be able to wear his strappy sandals again. That’s just a little payback for interrupting her special foot time with Maura.

Meanwhile at Maura’s place, Mama Rizzoli is doing her best international super spy impression. She digs around and finds That Lucky Bastard has three passports, all under different last names. Maybe this is why he’s supposed to be Australian but sounds English instead.

At the forensics lab, Maura is sorting through the contents of the victim’s mystery container. No, not the spiky leather goods they found earlier. Though, considering we’ve already ventured into foot fetish territory, what’s another kink to add into the equation? But no, instead she is focused on the dead rats. If that’s a fetish, I don’t ever want to know about it.

A lab tech wheels in another cart full of boxes for Maura. They’re for That Lucky Bastard, much to Jane’s chagrin. I love how Jane says “Ian,” like an accusation. And then she flat-out makes an accusation: “What are you doing?” Yeah, what are you doing, Maura?

Maura asks why Jane is turning into “a snoopy dog?” Jane isn’t sure if she means Snoop Dogg or Peanuts’ Snoopy, but “either way, I’m insulted.” You know that Tori Amos song “China?” I can feel the distance, getting close. Heck, I can even see it.

The tests show the rats ingested pure heroin, just like the dead junkie. The heroin, in turn, was smuggled into the country on liquid-heroin soaked blankets from the shipping container. That is not any kind of security blanket I want near me. Also, should Jane be touching those with her bare hands? No glove, no love – or snugly blanket time.

As they’re bringing in the victim’s son, Jane gets frantically waved over by Mama Rizzoli. She tells Jane the spoils of her sleuthing, and that she thinks That Lucky Bastard is a spy. Jane says she shouldn’t have done that, but takes the information and has Interpol check it out. Jealous Jane means business.

Jane, Korsak and Frost leave to go on a stakeout. Jane says they should take Maura’s car, because Maura’s things are Jane’s things and Jane’s things are Maura’s things. Well, they were, before That Lucky Bastard showed up. Speaking of him, Korsak’s source finds out he is wanted for questioning by Interpol.

Oh, and I sure hope Rizzoli & Isles got paid a ton of money for their Beautiful Toyota product placement. Because the three of them piling out of that little Prius looked a tad like a clown car act.

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