“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.07): Something rhymes with witchy this way comes

As they thought, Sabrina is having a mental break and is getting ready to go all Joan of Arc on Sage. Jane can’t have her harm “the beautiful one” so she full-on tackles Sabrina to the ground. Begin scheming of ways to break the law so Det. Jane Rizzoli will tackle you to the ground now.

Back at The Dirty Robber, Jane and Maura are eating together – again. They both have themselves nice, big slices of pie. I see what you did there, Rizzoli & Isles. Frankie comes in with Korsak and asks if it’s humble pie Jane is eating. No, not exactly. Something tells me Jane is thinking about another kind of pie altogether.

But all that underhanded paternity testing/children’s cup stealing was worth it because it turns out Lily is not Frankie’s daughter. Jane and Maura both tell him they’re sorry. But mostly I think they’re just sorry they’re back on the hook for grandkids with Mama Rizzoli. Get busy, gals. The bunny pancakes are waiting.

Come back next week when Maura kisses a boy and Jane puts a hit out on him. Wait, not what actually happens? Well, it should be. Until then, please enjoy this week’s #gayzzoli tweets.

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