“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.07): Something rhymes with witchy this way comes


Back at Casa Isles-Rizzoli, Maura is talking unconscious muscular actions in response to a thought or idea and Jane is talking about faking it. Wow, these two are not on the same page. No one is getting lucky tonight.

It’s also big family dinner night, so Jane takes this opportunity to create more uncomfortable open hostility. See? I told you a Midol would have helped. Before all-out family war can erupt, Jane gets a call that another witch was attacked. As she leaves, she spies Lily’s sippy cup and snarls at Maura to “get your purse.” But, you know, who hasn’t used her girlfriend’s purse to steal a child’s cup in order to test it for paternity?

Though the more remarkable thing is Maura let Jane put the not-empty cup in her purse at all. But, hey, a ruined designer purse and couture heels are a small price to pay for love.

At the magic shop, I expect Tara MaClay to pop up and greet the detectives with her lopsided smile; but instead, Sabrina is there dazed after someone tried to knock a 100-plus pound bookcase on her. They suspect Mr. Nipple Rings, but end up finding him dead in his bathtub. Burning, drowning, pressing – it is a bad day to be a witch in Boston.

Back in the autopsy room, Frankie confronts Maura about the sippy cup theft. Maura says Jane only did it because she loves him. And Frankie asks, “What’s your excuse?” Frankie, Frankie – you know the answer to that. It’s because Maura loves Jane. But she only manages to sputter something out about having a bigger purse and access to paternity testing.

Mama Rizzoli shows up too, with her own stolen item for Maura to tests. It’s like we landed on The Maury Povich Show all of a sudden. As Frankie and his mom bicker, Maura says she has to talk to Jane and runs out. Not really an elegant way to flee an argument, but effective.

Maura tells Jane the figs in Mr. Nipple Rings stomach weren’t digested, meaning he was attacked before Sabrina. But could the tiny Melissa Joan Hart stand-in have held down a grown man and knocked over 100-pound bookcases? She could if she was decendent from crazy people. Sarah Good was likely schizophrenic, which is hereditary. Maura consults a medical dictionary with the name “J. Tamaro” written on the side. Hm, where have I seen that name before?

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