“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.07): Something rhymes with witchy this way comes


Instead of investigating the case of a woman being burned alive in the middle of Boston, Jane and Maura decide eat lunch together in Maura’s car while staking out Jane’s brother on his picnic date. Jane complains that she is hot, which empirically is just true. Say what you will about Angie Harmon’s politics, but that is one good-looking woman. Maura uses the ventilation system powered by her Toyota’s solar panels to cool her down. Leave it to Maura to find a way to show off her earthy crunchy side that didn’t involve wearing Birkenstocks.

Once Frankie arrives the ladies duck down in their seats. This would have been a lot simpler if they had just moved to the backseat to begin with — and don’t even pretend it would have been the first time. Korsak calls interrupting their not-at-all sleuthy sleuthing and once again our ladies answer “Rizzoli” “and Isles.” I mean it, does the writer who slips in title references get a prime parking spot for the week or what?

Korsak and Frost uncover that Helen the witch left her property to three fellow witches from her coven. Jane asks who “the beautiful one with the lip stud” is. Leave it to Jane to notice “the beautiful one.” Also, does she look suspiciously like one Dr. Maura Isles? Jane has a type.

Also, “the beautiful one” Sage is played by Emily Foxler. Foxler played Sister Nicci on Legend of the Seeker, and Legend of the Seeker launched a million Kahlan and Cara fanvids on YouTube. Can, open. Subtext, everywhere.

Our trip down subtext lane is interrupted by Frankie who knocks Maura’s lean, green machine. He asks why they’re snooping. Maura says they’re just testing a hypothesis. Jane tells her to stop talking. See? Snippy. And then Frankie drops a bomb on our nosey couple: Teresa has introduced him to their daughter, Lily. The look on Jane’s face tells me she isn’t quite ready to be the cool lesbian aunt just yet.

Nor is she ready to have Teresa, who has already taught her 7-year-old that French fries make you fat, as an in-law. Really, Frankie, look to Jane’s example of how to pick superior in-laws for your family. Jane chomps down passive aggressively on the fry instead.

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