“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.06): Mama said there’d be days like this

Another phone call drags them out of the art show, when they discover the suspect from earlier used to be a student at Fake Harvard. In fact, she was Prof. John-Boy’s teaching assistant, until she dropped out after filing rape charges against him. Raping his domestic slaves? That is certainly keeping it disgustingly historically accurate. She says it was her who tried to kill the professor, but DNA shows it was her son. Her son who was born nine months after she was raped. Oh, man. They stop him just as he’s about to shoot the professor in the middle of a class. Jane talks him down. I don’t know how she manages to look both sympathetic and fierce while pointing a gun, but Jane does.

Case solved, shooter arrested, rapist publically tarred and feathered (I’m hoping), Jane, Maura and Mama Rizzoli enjoy congratulatory drinks and peanuts at the Dirty Robber. Jane asks her mom if the parakeet looks different, earning an under-the-table kick from Maura. Guess she found Maura’s pet store receipt after all. They get in a glowery eye shag, but then in walks Mother Ice Queen.

The county mice scurry to clean the table of peanut shells. Maura beams – maternal approval looks good on her. Mother Ice Queen finally thaws and admits she’d love a burger and milkshake. Jane jokes that she’ll have a beer milkshake which, hello, genius. This is the best mother-daughter double date, ever. And then Maura breaks a cardinal rule in the Good Girlfriend Handbook and says Jane and her mother are so much alike, earning her a deserved under-the-table kicks. Ladies, any more footsie between the two of you and I’ll have to send you to your car to drive and undress. I swear, there’s so much family bonding going on that I expect Mama R & I will be demanding grandkids soon.

And now on to your tweets. Give me #gayzzoli or give me death.

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