“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.06): Mama said there’d be days like this


Mother Isles leaves for The Ritz, and tells the country mice to call and get on the list for her opening. Maura’s disappointment is palpable. Jane’s displeasure with Mother Isles is just as palpable. But, as any good girlfriend will tell you, comforting your partner after the sting of parental disappointment just comes with the territory. So Jane sits Maura down and they have a lovely little round of eye sex.

But seriously, the eye sex in this episode is just epic. In nine months I expect to see little eye babies crawling around all over the place.

The duo’s post occipital bliss is interrupted by a call. The Boston Sniper has struck again, this time in a crowed shopping area where one man dies from a heart attack during the shooting. In the autopsy room, Maura uses a knife so large you’d think she was fixing to carve the Thanksgiving turkey. 

She also jokes that they should call the killer, “The sniper who couldn’t shoot straight.” Jane humors her, calling it a good joke. Maura gives Jane a look so hopeful and so eager, you wish it actually was a good joke. When she realizes it isn’t, Maura tries again, saying the sniper’s message is “I need target practice.” And then she giggles at herself. That giggle, you guys, it’s like a wet puppy kiss to your heart. Yet somehow Jane gets annoyed because quippy one-liners are her domain. So she snaps at Maura to do her job so she can do hers.

You know that moment right before a big fight with your girlfriend when you realize you’ve gone too far and wish you could suck back in those last few words? Jane knows it even before Maura can reply, coldly, with a “Yes, of course, detective.” Ooooh, girl. Now you’ve done it. But, the good news about hot heads is they’re often quick to cool down, too. So Jane apologizes immediately.

Then like the lesbians they are, they process. Jane asks Maura if it’s her mother that’s bothering her. Maura says it’s hard to have her here and not see her. Maura longed for affection from her distant mom. Jane longed for space from her hovering mom. And then, as if on cue, they get simultaneous calls from their mothers. God, that is so gay.

Mama Rizzoli is having a bird emergency. The parakeet Korsak rescued earlier and gave to her to care for is gravely ill. Maura says she’ll take care of him, which means putting the dead bird in her pocket and whisking him away. Again, these are things I always do for my best friend’s mom – the removal and disposal of deceased pets. She even tells an almost lie in the process of getting rid of the bird. The things Maura does for Jane.

Of course, turnabout being fair play, Maura then gets Jane to wear a 18th Century period costume to the wake of the reenactor. She walks in all hangdog and scratching like a dog in her period dress. Jane’s continued discomfort in dresses is one of this show’s most winsome plotlines. Seriously, think of another series where the heroine repeatedly makes her dislike for dresses a vocal issue.

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