“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.02): And baby makes three


The team heads back to the abandoned fertility clinic where Jane laments how much work and hormones it takes to harvest the eggs from women. Ah-ha! Seems someone has been looking into her pregnancy options after all. There they discover over-eager/bad-gaydar nurse was giving herself the five-finger discount when it came to some of the client’s, um, product.

Nurse Randy (really, they named the nurse who stole sperm “Randy?”), faked being pregnant, implanted her egg in Tracy and was planning to take the baby all along. OK, Maura is baby crazy. But Randy is just crazy, baby. Jane calls Maura, who is basking in the glow of her own turn at marsupial mama duties, and tells her to stay near the baby.

And then we see nutbag Nurse Randy is also there. Oh no, Maura is in trouble. Time for Jane to pull her best Lassie impersonation again and come to the rescue. And, as if on cue, there she is at the window. Maura hands Jane the baby to hold and in that instant a million fanfics were started about this beautiful, happy family.

But then Jane spots the nurse’s God-awful purples Crocs. Randy pulls a scalpel and in a welcome moment of role reversal, Maura steps in to protect Jane and the baby. She is filled with fierce Mama Lion bravery. And her hair, it’s so shiny and pretty even in times of crisis.

Jane hands the baby back to Maura and gets the drop on Nurse Baby Crazy. Angry Angie is a thing of frightening beauty. And, I won’t lie, I was just a tad jealous of the nurse. She got to have Jane Rizzoli slam her up against a counter. What? You know you’d like it, too.

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