“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.02): And baby makes three


The investigation leads Frost and Rizzoli to a fertility clinic. There an over-eager nurse with terrible gaydar tells them they would have beautiful interracial babies together. They give each other a look of horror and Jane gives the nurse an “Oh God, no – so no”-finger wag.


While they wait to speak to the clinic director, Jane noticed all the staff’s purple Croc footwear with similar horror. Just because she’s a gay lady does not mean she had to embrace some of our community’s more unfortunate footwear choices.

Back at the yard sale, Maura and Mama are cleaning up. Mrs. Rizzoli tells Maura being a mother was the only thing she was ever good at and she should see her with a baby. Um, did she just ask for grandkids? Because, I think she asked Maura for grandkids.

The victim’s baby mama/baby daddy drama drags on. I think this is the writer’s coy way of bringing the pregnant lesbian storyline into the show. The good news, no lesbians or heterosexual best friends who touch a lot and sleep in the same bed were actually impregnated during the course of this episode. The bad news, seems the clinic was actually running a scam where it would have one couple pay for surrogacy services and another for adoption services. But someone whacked the doctor/conman, so I guess karma really is a bitch.

The surrogate family goes to see the baby, and Jane finds her mom faux breastfeeding him as a “kangaroo” caregiver. It’s a little weird, but I’ve never been a pregnant lesbian, so what do I know. Then the other couple who claims to have adopted the baby shows up. See, this is why they should just give the baby to the nice lesbian couple and be done with it.

As the team try to untangle this tangled parental web, Frost and Frankie do their own bickering about the action figure. Frankie claims it wasn’t for sale. Frost says he bought it fair and square. Kiss and make up, boys. Seriously, I’m starting to ship these two. Plus, it’d give our friends over at AfterElton.com something to fawn over on the show, too. I’m all about equal-opportunity subtext.

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