“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.02): And baby makes three


Back at headquarters, Rizzoli, Frost and Korsak are making little headway on the murder. Frankie arrives all, “Uh, what, big sister? I wasn’t trying to learn how to be a super cool detective like you behind your back. Just, um, came to say, ‘Hey — hey.’” But Jane is too perturbed by their mother’s meddling in her life to pay attention. I mean, she packed the woman a lunch and wrote her name on it with a smiley face. Det. Jane Rizzoli does not do smiley faces. But she will take the chips. I love a girl with her priorities straight.

At Casa Rizzoli, the reason for Jane’s perturbed state becomes clear. Mama Rizzoli has painted color samples onto Jane’s wall without her permission. And they are orange and purple and pink, much to Jane’s continued dismay. Look, Mama R, you can call it “begonia” all you want, but a butch like Jane knows pink when she sees it. And she hates pink.

This, of course, brings up long-simmering childhood tomboy resentments – like the time Jane wanted a bunk bed so she could build forts and her mom got her a pink canopy bed instead. Oh, how the well-meaning mothers of little lesbians-in-training the world over try and fail to make us more girlie. And how we make this exact same face at them each time they try.

In the autopsy room, Maura and Jane are examining the Jane Doe. Maura is poring over her stomach contents. Jane gives her a look like “I cannot believe I let you see me naked,” when Maura tells her it’s her favorite part. Then talk returns to the orphaned baby. Jane is going to check on it in the hospital later that night, but Maura has already been that morning. Jane gives her another look and says, “Really? Are we getting…” Yes, she said “we.” As in, “Honey, are we getting baby fever? Because we talked about this and said we were going to go slow.”

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