“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.01): Absence makes the heart grow fonder


Lt. Col. Beard Force walks with Jane to her car, but then Abby’s car in front of them explodes in an enormous fireball. They stagger out and Maura comes running from out of nowhere toward her woman, yelling, “I got this!” Just because she’s a femme, doesn’t mean she can’t butch up when it matters most. Maura fiercely cradles Jane, who clings to her. Say it with me: Awwww.

Frankie deposits Jane back at her apartment, but Jane being Jane she leaves again for police headquarters. A newbie officer manning the entrance won’t let her in. So Rizzoli flashes her badge. And by badge, I mean abs. God bless high-definition television.

Maura arrives with Dr. Slucky Bastard, who still refuses to clear Jane for duty. So she pesters Maura into getting her through the gates. Which she does, but not before the newbie hands our detective a visitor sticker earning a patented Jane Rizzoli “Really?

Maura tells Jane she can only come with her downstairs into the medical examiner’s office and she will “poke you in your scar tissue” if she touches the up arrow. Scar tissue, so that’s what kids are calling it these days. Then, in a classic couples move, Jane rips off her visitor sticker and hands it to Maura, who can only shake her head. It’s a total, “Here, honey, take care of my trash”-moment.

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