“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (1.10): Janie’s Got a Gun

Back at the Bar of Obliviousness, mama and papa Rizzoli are preparing the party for their delinquent son. Of course, he lets them down and says he isn’t coming. Don’t cry for that deadbeat when your good son is lying on the dead table with a needle sticking out of his chest, woman.

At the crime scene where everyone is still milling about in very useful ways, Korsak and Frost finally catch on that all is not well back at headquarters. Some detectives you are, boys.

Frankie is getting worse, his heart can’t pump and he is spitting up blood. Jane implores Maura, “But you helped him before.” Yes, because Maura is magic. Well, her fabulous shiny, bouncy hair is magic. Desperation builds and Jane tells her not to let Frankie die and that she is the only one who can save him. No pressure, though, you know.

The detectives arrive and are greeted by gunfire. They radio for help and the cavalry arrives. Well, three police cars and a SWAT van arrive. Seriously, this is a police station – shouldn’t like the Army, Marines, Navy and, heck even Merchant Marines all be there or something? This is no time to scrimp on resources.

Korsak decides to try using the walkie talkies, which Jane happens to have grabbed earlier. Sure, grab a walkie talkie but not the gun. Whatever. They puzzle over what the bad guys might want some more. Maura remembers that they shot up the evidence lockers looking for something. Jane give her that incredulous, “Honey, you could have told me that earlier”-face. Come on, Jane, she was a little busy trying to save your brother’s life.

But what could it be they want? Again, I feel a strange urge to take a smoke break. Oh, wait, it’s the pack of cigarettes they took from the victim earlier. This is when Bobby, the guy holding the only gun in the room, takes notice. Turns out Danny didn’t smoke.

Just then the other baddie with the even bigger gun enters the room. We know he is bad because he sneers a lot. I think if he had a mustache he’d be twirling it, too. He does a lot of pointing of his gun and threatening with his sneer about the cigarettes. But when Jane retrieves them, he tells her to throw them to Bobby. And if you didn’t see that plot twist coming you deserve a patented Jane Rizzoli incredulous stare.

Bobby is running the drug ring. And he killed Danny because he wouldn’t stop digging. But the cigarettes had a camera in it that can identify him. Um, wait, but the pack was buttoned up in his shirt pocket. So then wouldn’t it only have recorded a bunch of cotton fibers?

But this is no place for logic, people, because before you can say “How will our heroines get out of this mess?” Bobby shoots the sneering bad guy. Jane protecting Maura and Frankie here is the bravest, butchest thing I’ve ever seen.

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