“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (1.10): Janie’s Got a Gun


Of course, let’s not forget that Jane has a brother. No, not the bad brother — it’s Frankie who calls up to Jane from the stairwell. His bullet proof vest caught the fire, but he is still badly hurt. They bring him to the ME’s office where Jane lets out a few strangled cries of “Maura! Maura!” If Frankie wasn’t possibly mortally wounded I’m pretty sure they would have hugged once they found each other – and more, in my mind.

Frankie gets put on “the dead person table,” (another beer snort for those at home) and we see that while his vest saved him from the bullets, it didn’t save him from the massive internal bleeding. Also, he has one hell of an ugly bruise. Bobby offers Jane his gun, but she tells him to keep it and watch the door. Rule No. 2 of cop shows: Always take the gun.

Maura tries to remember her ABC: airway, breathing, circulation. But Frankie’s injuries are “worse than bad.” I’d be happy about all the intense Maura/Jane eye contact here but, you know, Frankie is dying and it seems sort of insensitive.

Back at the crime scene important police business is happening. I’m really not sure why all this important police business couldn’t be happening in the precinct. It’s not like the precinct has computers and phones and databases and all that stuff for them to use.

All of a sudden Frankie starts to have trouble breathing. Maura says it is tension pneumothorax, which Jane promptly looks up in a medical book. Something tells me Jane isn’t a stranger to looking up the things Maura says in reference books.

This tension thing is, of course, worse than bad meaning it leads to death. Maura is reluctant to do anything without confirming her diagnosis. (Maura = Facts!) Jane implores her to do it because her guesses are better than most doctors confirmations. (Jane = Emotions!) Because having your girlfriend let your brother die in front of you is unacceptable, they rush to get a needle and both sanitize it with rubbing alcohol together. More touching. Look, this is a grim episode, I’m going to talk about every last bit of touching.

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