“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (1.10): Janie’s Got a Gun


In the ME’s office, Maura brings Bass some fresh lettuce. It’s so cute, I want to hold on to the cute.

But things get real uncute real fast. The baddies are searching for something outside of her office. They shoot up the evidence lockers. Luckily Maura was kneeling down to feed Bass (oh, I see why he’s in this episode now, proceed) so they didn’t see her. I think putting Maura in danger is the Rizzoli & Isles equivalent of putting Willow in danger on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Automatic fan heart attack.

In the interrogation room, Itty Bitty is still wigging out but this time she has reason. Jane sees the men through the window and reaches for her gun. Doh! So they flee into the stairwell, but Itty Bitty won’t be quiet even though armed men who want to kill them are roaming nearby. I don’t care if she did kiss a girl in another movie, she needs to shut the hell up.

Jane leaves her to check on the other officers assuring Itty Bitty she’ll be safer in the stairwell. Rule No. 1 of cop shows: if someone says you’ll be safe, you won’t be. Jane goes to her desk to get her gun, but it’s not there. Also the phones don’t work and the computers are dead. So no IMing Maura with, “Hey QT, RU OK?” But don’t think she didn’t try.

I’d like to note that during this whole siege the soundtrack is this endless pulsing beat that just loops and loops and loops. We get it, we’re tense. Adding to the tension is the screams of Itty Bitty in the stairwell. Jane runs to find a baddie standing over her lifeless body. He points his gun at Jane but is gunned down by a limping Bobby who has been shot in the leg. All heroes are exactly as they appear, right?

Jane and Bobby puzzle over what the bad guys want. They’ve killed the witness already but are still in the building. Also, why would they go through all the desks? I think I need a smoke break to figure this one out. Oh, right, I don’t smoke. But Jane’s first concern is simple: “I’ve got to find Maura and get her out of here.” Go get your girl, girl!

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