“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (1.10): Janie’s Got a Gun


We go from an execution to an exercise room where Jane and Maura are working out together. Maura is staring at the biceps of some guy doing curls. Naturally, this makes Jane uncomfortable. Maura says it is normal for females to be attracted to the most dominant males. Every lesbian at home snorts a little into her beer. I think Jane’s face says everything we need to say on the subject, don’t you?

We all know this flirting with the musclehead is just an elaborate ploy to make Jane jealous. But, just as it seems to be working, Maura says she has to leave because her tortoise Bass is sick. We could spend considerable time deconstructing what it means that Dr. Isles has a pet with a hard exterior to protect a soft, vulnerable underbelly, but, instead, Jane gets a call on her cell. It’s the neighborhood bar owner telling her about some surprise party she knows nothing about. Can, open. Worms, everywhere.

The party is a welcome home fete for the Rizzoli clan’s wayward son, Tommy. Jane and Frankie have a brother who was in prison for hitting a priest while driving drunk. And you thought you were the black sheep in your family just because you’re gay. The two cops in the family are none too pleased about the party plans. But before we can be bored more by this subplot Jane gets another call: they’ve found the dead apple-eating, coke-stealing, wire-wearing cop.

At the scene, long faces and downcast eyes abound. Det. Korsak and Jane are both visibly upset. Jane knows right away the bullet was a .45 caliber which I must admit in this sad moment is kind of hot. The chief tells everyone this is their only case and the only officer he wants at headquarters is the one manning the desk.

Before we can consider if this is a good idea, the dead cop’s partner Bobby storms in all accusations and pointy fingers. Hey, it’s Erik Palladino from ER. Where’d his hair go?

Jane takes Bobby back to headquarters to interview him, but not before Maura finds a cigarette pack in the victim’s shirt pocket and gives it to Jane to log into evidence. Hey, didn’t I say something about not smoking earlier? Keep that in mind.

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