“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (1.09): You do anything to protect “family”

Maura is at Jane’s place. She is shaken after her father came to identify her half brother at the morgue. She is wigged out by her genetic connection to killers. Jane is more wigged out by the fact that Maura is now in danger. So she circles the wagons.

Jane says Maura “shouldn’t be alone right now.” I’d wager that Jane thinks Maura shouldn’t be alone ever. But she lets her go. Then the department’s files get hacked into. Jane goes into full Lassie mode and sprints to the ME’s office. But Maura is already gone, snatched from the loading dock and stuffed into a van.

The van door opens and a bound Maura sees her mobster father. He just kidnapped her to protect her. Crazy logic is crazy. She confronts him. Sasha does a very good mix of fear and fierce indignation. Plus her hair looks fantastic. So shiny and bouncy.

Papa, it seems, has been keeping tabs on her throughout her life. He has photos of her high school, college, medical school graduations. Does he have photos of her at Jane’s place? I’d really like to see those. He gives her a phone programmed with his number and tells her to call him as soon as she knows who the killer is. He wants to keep her alive by killing her half-brother’s murderer.

Back at the precinct, Jane paces like a caged animal — a caged animal whose life mate is in danger. The phone rings and she blurts out “Whatever you want I can get it.” Awww, you guys. Jane would do anything for Maura — anything.

But it’s Maura on the other end. Naturally Jane asks Maura, “Can you get to my apartment?” Because, you know, the first thing you should do after being kidnapped and realizing your life in mortal danger is head to your girlfriend’s house for some alone time. Jane sprints out the door, again.

At Jane’s place, she grabs herself a beer while Maura eats cereal. Jane teases her and asks if she is “finally letting emotion run that big brain” of hers. Maura says she doesn’t know who she is. But Jane knows. She has always known. She says she is “the same ridiculously smart, amazing, goofy person that you were before.” And her hair, it’s still so pretty.

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