“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (1.09): You do anything to protect “family”

Jane and Maura then find a secluded, romantic park bench to sit on and process their feelings. Their legs are crossed towards each other, which I learned from Clueless years ago is an unequivocal sex invite. Maura says the dead guy and her share the same father. Jane comforts her with those big, brown puppy dog eyes and her arm resting behind her back. It’s part protective, part possessive, all gay.

Maura never knew her biological parents. She never even told her adoptive parents when she went looking for her birth mother. Because it was a closed private adoption, she couldn’t find out more because they didn’t want her to find them.

More big, brown puppy dog eyes from Jane. She puts her hand on Maura’s knee and asks, “What can I do?” Have you ever noticed that when Angie Harmon stares at Sasha Alexander, her eyes wander from Sasha’s eyes to Sasha’s lips? Intense eye contact is one thing, intense lip contact is entirely another.

Maura is staring at her dead half brother again. She tells Jane about the similarities they have in their nasal structure and super orbital something or other. Jane of course sees the resemblance because she has spent hours, days, months, years studying every inch of Maura’s face.

She gives Maura a sympathetic shoulder rub in response. Dammit, TNT, I’m still made about missing the reciprocal shoulder rub last week. And then Jane gives her her dead half brother’s M.C. Escher-like drawings. Normally, these would be in evidence, but Jane wants her to have them. Because police protocol is nothing when faced with a girlfriend grieving over the half brother she never knew. His paintings apparently mean he was a genius. Runs in the family, you know.

They also are genius because they help them find where he lived. So Jane and Det. Frost go check it out. Now, can we talk about the way Angie walks? The swagger of it. The confidence of it. I know she looks really pretty in a dress and all, too, but can we please make some sort of law where Angie is contractually obligated to wear a suit and brandish a gun at least once for every role?

They find out Maura’s half brother was deep into high-tech identify theft. He also had a secret box that both steals and reveals people’s identities. I want to make a joke about Rizzoli and Isles knowing all about secret boxes here, but it feels too obvious. Instead, the secret box leads them to the Irish mob. Which leads them to find out that Maura’s dad is a heavy in the mob.

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