“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (1.08): Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

At yet another grisly crime scene, Maura looks up from yet another slit throat and squints with concern at Jane. “You have dark circles under your eyes. Are you not sleeping again?” she asks like your girlfriend did this morning when you come to breakfast after similar sleeplessness.

Jane deflects with a joke. And Maura says something about how her nightmares involves showing up to a biochemistry exam she hasn’t studied for. Jane gives Maura that look you give your girlfriend when she says something so geeky you can’t decide if you want to roll your eyes or kiss her. You always opt for both; if only Jane would, too.

More reasons to kiss Maura, she can’t stop “that word thing” where she tells Jane the history of terms like “karma.” Jane gives her another look like, “you dork,” which secretly means “later do that word thing with all the body parts of yours I plan to see naked.” Girls who practice etymology in bed are sexy.

Jane’s little brother Frankie (who I always think of as Fred Savage’s hunky little brother) arrives and breaks the mood. He’s worried about their parents but Jane is more interested in flirting with the waitress. The gal can’t help it. The waitress inexplicably wants to flirt with Frankie.

In a brilliant bit of juxtaposition, we next see Maura holding a cold heart. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to flirt with Angie Harmon?

When Maura realizes the dead body in question is the work of Hoyt, the first thing she says is “I have to find Jane.” So, naturally, next we see her on Jane’s couch. Maura gives Jane every variation on the concerned girlfriend face as they discuss why her life is in mortal danger. Maura calls to get police protection so Jane can finally sleep and get rid of those dark circles. But Jane won’t sleep until the armed cavalry arrives.

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