“Rizzoli & Isles” Retro Subtext Recap (1.07): Last one there is a rotten egg

Through some serious Skyping, Jane, Maura, Korsak and Frost discover the two dead men went to high school together. And they were also named in a criminal case together. They were accused, along with a third man, of brutally raping a young woman. But the third man comes from a very rich family so despite the fact that there was videotaped footage of the assault, it never went to trial.

Jane says “part of me wants to let the shooter finish off this asshole,” which draws sympathetic glances from Maura. You know, considering all the spandex these two are wearing there has been a dearth of good eye sex this episode. I mean, I know, double-homicide and all, but so much stretchy clothing is happening here ladies that you really should take a peek. How about at least a little Totally Gratuitous, Totally Gay Touching?

Well, not quite, but we’ll take what I can get.

The team figures out that the third man involved in the rape is also in the race and his victim lives two blocks from the course. Jane and Maura run to her house, only to discover that she committed suicide a year ago. But her sister is running today in her honor. And by “honor” she means “vengeance” because in her room is a detailed map of the race, gun barrel parts, hollow-point bullets and headshots of each man. You know for being meticulous planners, killers are always really bad about cleaning up their incriminating evidence.

Jane and Frankie race, literally, to find the third man on the course. They get to him just as the victim’s sister does and stop her from shooting him, too. Don’t worry, Jane still gets her man. Despite his crowing about that the statute of limitations being up, Jane arrests him for rape. Turns out rich guys aren’t so good at understanding legal minutia, because the statute says 15 years from the date the victim turns 16 – and she was 15 at the time of the rape. So buh-bye, scumbag. I think Jane will personally make sure the door hits you in the ass on the way out, for good measure.

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