“Rizzoli & Isles” Retro Subtext Recap (1.05): Way to class up the joint


Also giving me hives? Maura going to visit Garrett while he is in the pool. Put a shirt on, Zack Morris. He tells her brothers don’t kill brothers. And he mistakes a sympathetic shoulder rub as an invitation to delve into Maura’s personal life and tell her there’s been no one serious for him since college. Hands off, rich boy. Maura sneakily calls Jane from Garrett’s Spyder to tell her the name of Adam’s mistress. Jane apologizes, Maura says she has her back. Nothing like a failed attempt at heterosexuality to bring a gay couple back together. Then, apparently just to reinforce the wrongness of it, Maura kisses Garrett.

Harbor patrol then find Adam Fairfield’s boat and the team goes to investigate. Fancy suit lawyer guy has the Coast Guard stall Jane, but she asks them if they want kids and means it. They find blood on the boom and Jane says Maura she wins and that she was wrong. But Maura says it was no accident, it was murder. So, we can have the make-up eye sex now, right?

Back at the lab, Maura tells Jane nothing on the boat matched the impression of the blunt object that hit Adam. And she is still troubled by fibers from his sweater. Guess it wasn’t the sea salt after all. Jane finally extends the olive branch and asks Maura if she wants to get a drink. Maura asks if it will have gold flecks in it. Making her work for it – saucy.

At the bar, Maura deems all the Cabernets “chalky” and Jane tells her to have a cold beer instead. But Maura never drinks beer. Then Jane asks what happened with Garrett and Maura says, “there’s not much to tell.” Saving your girlfriend’s feelings by not mentioning a meaningless kiss definitely warrants eye sex, don’t you think? Jane agrees. God, if we they would only kiss and make-up, too.

Maura offers her own olive branch, an invitation to the private Fairfield Family memorial for Adam. She wants Jane to be her date. Of course she does. Jane asks if she’ll embarrass her and Maura says probably, but that she has also embarrassed Jane. OK, loverbirds, now I actually think you two should probably get a room because of all this eye sex is just shameless.

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