“Rizzoli & Isles” Retro Subtext Recap (1.05): Way to class up the joint


Jane sidles into the autopsy room, thumbs in pocket and disapproving smirk on her face. (Nothing gay about that, uh-uh.) Maura is doing the autopsy on a Sunday because even in death the rich get better service. Jane wastes no time processing her angry feelings about Maura’s lack of support with the Fairfields. Everyone make a cup of herbal tea, this could take a while.

Maura calls Jane’s questioning badgering. Jane accuses her of rushing the science because the governor called. She says something about smoking rolled up hundreds on the veranda. Yeah, make that two cups of herbal tea.

So remember last episode when the big issue was the difference in Jane and Maura’s education? This week it’s their class differences. Maura says the Fairfields deserve respect because they helped build Boston. Jane says her grandfather was an iron worker who really helped build Boston. I hope one of them has their couples counselor on speed dial.

Accusations about who is doing their job properly or improperly fly. Angry glances fly faster. Jane storms out, thumbs back securely in her pockets and disapproving smirk back permanently on her face. Don’t you hate it when your favorite couple fights in front of you? Though, just think of the make-up eye sex they’ll have later.

The youngest Fairfield brother, Sumner, gets questioned first. Frost and Korsak find him running a food shelter because he was squeezed out of running the family business by dead brother Adam. Houston, we have a suspect. Back in the autopsy room Korsak is fingering Adam’s cashmere sweater and asks Maura how much one costs. Don’t worry, it’s just Fairfield pocket change at about $1,000 a piece. Maura notices the fabric is rougher than it should be, but blames it on the sea salt. The old sea salt excuse.

Korsak asks her why he is there in the first place because it’s not his case and Maura blurts out, “Jane is mad at me.” Aw, lover’s spat. Then Korsak acts as their defacto couples counselor because their regular counselor Earth Rainn Songwomyn must be off on her annual silent retreat. He says people like him and Jane didn’t grow up with much, but they always had each other’s back. So all Jane wants to know is if Maura has her back. Well, I think Maura has a lot more than just Jane’s back, but I digress.

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