“Rizzoli & Isles” Retro Subtext Recap (1.04): See Jane go to college


Their next lead is one of her johns, a college professor who they find DOA in a staged suicide with the same gun used to kill the girl. So another dead end. With the girl’s memorial that night, Jane, Maura and Frost go to see if they can flush the killer out. Hey, look who is there, the really helpful RA.

Jane gets a call and learns that the gun was registered to the RA’s stepdad. And, guess what, he has three other guns registered to him, too. This guy puts the RA in NRA. Instead of being all stealthy about the fact they’re onto him, all three of them stare directly at him. Hey, I don’t care if you went to college or not, guys, that’s just Not-Being-Obvious 101.

The RA figures it out, grabs the dead girl’s BFF and takes her hostage. OK, now I feel bad about saying she shouldn’t have any Jane hugs earlier. He shoots her to get away and Maura rushes to the girl’s aid while Jane and Frost rush after the gunman. Shooting a human shield? At this rate there has been so much foreshadowing for the finale that we’re going to have to start calling it fiveshadowing.

The RA says some offensive things about whores and bitches. So then we’re extra happy when Jane shoots him. Also, for the record, when Jane Rizzoli shoots you, she really shoots you. Damn.

The BFF pulls through and Jane visits her at the hospital with flowers. Wait, now I’m starting to rethink feeling bad about the hug. Flowers are only for Maura, Jane. Also, what’s this talk of cool scars and foil bikinis and not telling her parents she is a prostitute? Is Jane flirting with the college student?

Then she tells her she arranged for her entire college tuition to be paid through her senior year – and kisses her on the head. Kisses are definitely only for Maura, Jane.

Luckily, the girl is wheeled away and Jane ends up where she belongs – home for dinner with Maura. Over takeout Jane tells Maura that she applied to Boston Cambridge University. Maura says it’s very hard to get into, to ease what she expects will be the ensuing disappointment. But Jane tells her she got in. A hottie and a smartie – Dr. Isles you totally scored. From the look on her face, she totally knows it.

Jane says she didn’t go because she knew her father would have spent his last penny to send her there, and she never told him she got in because it would have made him too sad that she didn’t go. And then when Maura asks what Jane will tell the victim’s dad, she says all he needs to know is that she loved him very much.

Maura lets out an involuntary “Awww, Jane. I think that’s really, that’s really sweet.” Someone is getting much more than just eye sex tonight.

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