“Rizzoli & Isles” Retro Subtext Recap (1.04): See Jane go to college

Back at the morgue Maura and Jane flirt over the girl’s body. Hey, the dead don’t mind. And it could be worse, they could have pulled a Lip Service. This is just a little harmless eye sex, not a full-on morgueasm.

While discussing the dearly deceased student athlete on the table, they discuss what sports they played themselves. Maura did ballet and fencing. Jane played field hockey. Yes, field hockey. Yes, every lesbian watching television just snorted out loud. She says she was an “attacker” and Maura says “I’m sure you were very aggressive.” I wonder if Maura knows from experience exactly how aggressive Jane can be with a stick?

But the deceased scholar athlete wasn’t actually an athlete anymore. An injury forced her off the team and led to her $57,000-a-year scholarship being dropped. Yet she was still able to pay off her tuition in one lump sum. Det. Korsak tells Jane “that’s “a hell of a lot of money to wear a toga and do Jell-O shots.” Frost asks where he went to college and Korsak says he didn’t, but “watched Animal House a few times.” Of course, Korsak actor Bruce McGill was actually in Animal House, so nice meta moment there, Rizzoli & Isles.

Jane and Frost go back to campus to interview the ex boyfriend. His frat is having an ABC party – Anything But Clothes. Jane seems perturbed by all the nubile young things in tinfoil bikinis and paper plate miniskirts. She likes her ladies in haute couture or silky pajamas, thank you very much.

Back in Maura’s lab, Jane is surveying a sandwich and debating whether to eat it if it came from “the dead people fridge.” She decides against it, but doesn’t pass up the chance to taunt Maura with the aforementioned nubile young things she saw saying, “The sorority girls were dressed in foil.” Trying to make someone jealous, eh?

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