“Rizzoli & Isles” Retro Subtext Recap (1.03): The days of wine and dead fridge cheese


At her own apartment, Jane goes over the case file. One of the photos drops and when she picks it up there is blood, which leads to a trail which leads to the dead boy in her kitchen which leads to him sitting up and handing her a purple plant. See, the dead don’t like it when you refuse their cheese.

Jane wakes with a start, only to find her bouquet of flowers and vase have fallen onto the ground in the kitchen. So, naturally, after such a fright she calls Maura to come over and snuggle. Maura arrives as requested in her silky pajamas. Something tells me this scene is a common one at Casa Rizzoli.

Before they spoon each other to sleep, Jane asks Maura to run one more toxicology screen on the boy, this time for purple poisonous plants. And there just so happens to be one indigenous to Boston, monkshood. The next morning, Maura confirms its presence in the boy’s body. Then Jane remembers where she saw the plant before. She then asks Maura if she will lie about plant genetics for her. Maura says no, she doesn’t lie. Jane tests her asking if she’s ever told a guy he was good when he wasn’t (no, duh) and if she likes her shirt with her jacket (no, again). Well, her voice said no, but her eyes say, “Hello, tall, dark and handsome.”

Jane has deduced that it was the father’s new wife who poisoned his son because he wouldn’t have kids with her. So, that stuff I said about the skateboarders before, never mind. Instead, beware evil stepmothers. We also learn that Maura lied; she will lie for Jane. I’d wager she’d do just about anything for Jane – or with Jane for that matter. Ahem.

Back at Jane’s place Grant is waiting on her doorstep in the rain. Sad puppy needs a clue. He has come to tell her about his big new job in D.C./joining the cast of Blue Bloods on another channel. This means he’ll be out of her hair. That sound you heard right about then was the collective sigh of relief of gay ladies around the world.

But then he admits he has liked her for a long time. He goes in for the kiss but denied. Those lips belong to one Dr. Maura Isles, buddy, and don’t you ever forget that.

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