R.I.P. Lesbians on TV in 2013

Real Gay Women

The Real L Word

Despite the eye-roll inducing storylines and manufactured drama, it was the only series that queer women could feel complete ownership of, much like its fictional predecessor, The L Word. The show had a revolving cast but mainstay Whitney Mixter showed all sides of herself on the docu-style lesbian series, and made unlikely fans of Lea Michele and Megyn Price. The stories of a couple trying to get pregnant (Kacy and Cori), a lesbian whose mom can’t come to terms with her orientation (Tracy) and a once-identified lesbian marrying a man (Romi) sparked a lot of conversations that weren’t being had on this sort of scale until it was all over premium cable, for better or for worse.

Ali Adler and Karey Dornetto, The New Normal

The NBC show about two men and their impending surrogate baby had a lesbian writer at the helm (Adler) but couldn’t shake its Ryan Murphy narcissism. Critics didn’t seem to care for the show, which did have some redeeming qualities, like the brief lesbian characters played by Julie Goldman, Leisha Hailey and Constance Zimmer. Will Adler go back to writing for Glee now that it’s been renewed for two more seasons? This could be a blessing in disguise.

Lily Tomlin on Malibu Country

Lily played Reba McEntire‘s mom, and did her best to keep the laughter going on the Friday night show. Luckily for Lily (and us), she doesn’t seem to have a shortage of roles coming her way. This was Sara Rue’s main gig, too, which means she’ll be out of two jobs!

Nanatchka Khan, Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23

Out writer/creator Khan had a funny show about mismatched roommates that, unfortunately, never really caught on. In one episode, Chloe and June pretended to be a lesbian couple so that Chloe could “adopt” a kid. Luckily the unaired episodes will be available on ABC.com, iTunes and Hulu starting May 17. Among them, an ep where Chloe (Krysten Ritter) dates a girl.

Jasika Nicole on Fringe

The Fox sci-fi show held on for five seasons with the out actress as Astrid Farnsworth, as well as her autistic alter-ego. She had a recent guest appearance on Scandal, but hopefully she’ll have a more regular gig again soon.

Ready for some good news? Grey’s Anatomy has been picked up for a 10th season, Pretty Little Liars is still on for a fifth, Chicago Fire will be back and will also have a spin-off about Chicago cops. The Good Wife, Lost Girl and White Collar are all still on air with new episodes in the works. In new shows, The Fosters kicks off June 3 on ABC Family.

We lament the loss of these characters and shows, but are happy to have had them while we could. They helped to make TV a little more lesbian-friendly, no matter how short their time was on the tube.

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