Review of She Likes Girls 3

Dandelion Fall is
just as beautiful, with stunning cinematography and a very keen sense of
melancholy. In the film, Billie (Breeda Wool) is a street musician who gets
caught up with a sexy Manhattan realtor — who basically summons Billie for late-night booty calls by flicking
business cards into her open guitar case.

Billie is sweet and naïve, looking to make a deeper
connection, but there’s a very profound sense of inevitability that drives the
piece to its conclusion. This film’s director, Lauren Wolkstein, is one to
watch for in the future.

Dandelion Fall

Finally, the collection ends with The Insomniacs, directed by Kami Chisholm. It’s one of the
director’s finest efforts, as a light, pleasantly conversational drama starring
the irresistible Skyler
(Butch Mystique, Don’t Go) as an insomniac looking for
sleep and companionship at 3 AM.

It’s a very sweet little film and a great send-off for the


Compared to previous installments of She Likes Girls, number three is a much better, much more
consistent effort. There are no truly odd/disturbing selections like the
bizarre Piper of the first

These really are some of the best lesbian shorts of the year, and
they’ve obviously been selected with great care.

Effectively, the collection offers a sort of sampling of
this year’s fresh talent — as many short filmmakers (sadly, not all) go on to
make feature-length movies. If the films here are any indication of what to
expect in the coming years — then the official “lesbian movies are awful”
stereotype may officially be retired — or at least, semi-retired.

Buy She Likes Girls 3 on DVD.

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