Review of “Lady Trojans”


The only false notes are in the staged recreations of notable events.

Scripted from Anna’s recently published young adult novel (which was based on her personal experiences), the filmed sequences are straight out of an After School Special. They’re shot with a sort of blown-out effect, presumably to capture the early 90s vibe, but its really rather cheesy and overdone.

The scenes themselves are well performed (the girl playing Anna is particularly good), and they do keep things running smoothly for the portions of the film where home video/interviews were insufficient, but they certainly could’ve been toned down a bit.

More successful are the creative titles and animated sequences, which are reminiscent of old notebook doodles. They’re cute, effective and visually interesting, and they really fit nicely with the high school vibe.

For a movie about basketball, there’s very little of the actual sport on display. This is partially the point — Anna herself admits that she was very distracted while playing, and that she basically cared more about her appearance in her “little uniform” than her actual performance on the court.

In this world, athletics are really only an excuse for physical contact and a metaphor for the aggression and competition that young women inevitably find themselves drawn in to. The Trojans may as well have been a knitting club — since the real sport here was in hooking up with one another.

This is not to say that the whole film centers entirely on sex. The friendships that formed among the young women are poignant and long lasting. In fact, one scene from the present day depicts a sort of “Lady Trojans reunion” wherein team members gay and straight hang out, swap pictures of their children, and reconnect with one another.

The film is very fun to watch, though it can often feel almost uncomfortably personal.

We, as the audience, laugh along with these awkward young girls, remembering the days when writing someone a cheesy love poem was the most romantic thing in the world — and sure to work. We sigh at the memories of all the drama — and cringe when the scenes hit a little too close to home.

Certainly, Anna and crew were much more “out” than your average queer teens in the early 1990s, and perhaps they experimented (sexually speaking) more than average high school girls. Still, for anyone who remembers the thrills and the terrors of teenage romance, this film will hit very close to home. And for any young “baby dyke” who ever made an embarrassing home video — this one is almost certainly for you.

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