Review of “Chloe”

The more steamy Chloe claims her encounters with David are, the more Catherine is turned on, forcing Catherine’s sexual frustration to come to a head as she makes a mad dash to Lesbian Town with all the confidence in the world.

When Catherine resurfaces, drama ensues: Catherine and David’s secrets come rushing to the surface, damaging their son Michael (Max Thieriot) in the process. Catherine tries to do right by David, while Chloe becomes more obsessed — and intertwined — in the Stewart family. All the drama leads to what can only be described as a classic lesbian breakup.

Without giving away the film’s ending, Chloe provides moviegoers with a sexually charged climax (zing!) that only deepens our love and respect for Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried. Their on screen chemistry rivals Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct — and leaves you with a lasting memory of what it was like to be with a woman for the first time.

Chloe opens this Friday in limited theaters nationwide.

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