Review of “Chloe”

Catherine returns to the dinner table to find David making nice with a hot waitress and her insecurities explode. She questions his fidelity in the worst car ride home ever.

Cue Chloe: Catherine, who eyes the girl who can “be your first kiss or a Playboy image you remember from ninth grade” from her office window, enlists her services to test David. She arranges a chance encounter to see if her hubby will take the bait.

The meetings between Chloe and Catherine are when things really get steamy. Chloe reveals every sexual detail of her encounters with David to a shell-shocked Catherine, who can’t help but be turned on by the woman who “tries to find something to love in everybody.” It’s like watching two lesbians have phone sex in front of one another.

As their meetings become more damaging for Catherine and David’s marriage, the family begins to unravel from its perfect public perception. Catherine’s imagination and insecurities run wild with images of David and Chloe together in a scene that features not one but two intercut orgasm clichés: David’s hand pressed up against a glass window as he appears to be with Chloe and Catherine putting her showerhead to good use.

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