Review of “Bloomington”


To its credit, none of the cliché things one might expect to happen ever do. The storyline flows naturally from the well-drawn characters, and thankfully, no eleventh-hour plot devices rear their ugly heads. Instead, what we have here is one of the rarest of films: a refreshing, unique lesbian drama that gets things "right" in every department.

The acting is excellent, the characters are compelling and thoroughly likeable, the story is unique and well told. Every aspect of the production itself (the cinematography, editing, etc.) is unobtrusive and well done. Best are the love scenes, which are numerous and genuinely exciting, without any individual sequence ever overstaying its welcome.

Another nice touch is the omnipresent, subtle humor. Jackie is more apt to roll her eyes at the little annoyances of life (figuring out how to do her own laundry, dealing with star-struck fans) than she is to freak out about them, giving us a protagonist who likes to laugh at the world. In one scene, she uses some of her old technobabble lines to seduce Catherine, cooing sci-fi nonsense while Catherine giggles and sighs.

It’s clear that Bloomington was written with a tongue-in-cheek sense of snark about show business, a welcome element.

A bit under-the radar, with a tone is a slightly offbeat, Bloomington could be the sleeper hit of this season’s queer festival dramas. It’s sexy, it’s different, and best of all, it’s fun.

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