Review of “And Then Came Lola”

Yes, it’s frantic and hurried — but the excellent editing keeps the chaos in check.

It helps that the plot is quite simple — Lola has to meet Casey on time, or she may lose out on their relationship.  Stylistically, it’s not unlike one of the later Angela Robinson-directed episodes of The L Word — there’s plenty of split screening and general wackiness, but everything comes together nicely.

The “therapy footage” makes perfect sense in context — since the film moves so fast, it’s a good way to introduce back-story on the characters and explain the complex web of relationships. We soon find out that Lola’s photography lab is run by her jealous ex girlfriend, Jen (Graham), and that Lola has a bit of a commitment problem.

It’s standard drama fodder, but presented creatively enough to be entertaining.

The love scenes are fairly plentiful for the 67-minute running time, and, without exception, they bring serious heat to the screen. Rather than just teasing a kiss or cutting the camera after ten seconds of necking (as so many lesbian films are wont to do), each sequence is realistic, sultry and exceptionally well done.

The actresses have fantastic chemistry — I hope this is not the last time they share the screen.

For all its chaotic energy and pastiche of cinematic styles, Lola does carry the danger of coming off as incredibly “twee” and potentially headache-inducing.

There’s a sort of web series-like quality to the movie (which also makes sense, considering DeBuono and Bennett both have such a large presence online), which some viewers will love, and some will inevitably dislike. This is less an issue of production values (which are quite good) and more telling of the pacing and post-modern “anything goes” style.

Another potentially divisive issue is the music, which loudly underscores nearly every moment. Again, it’s high-energy and fun, but some viewers will find the pop punk much more cloying than charming. Some of the music accompanying the love scenes is especially overdone, though nothing spoils the magic completely.

The film is exactly what it wants to be — a completely fun, frantic treat for the eyes, featuring a few of the hottest up-and-coming stars from the community. It may give you the cinematic equivalent of an ice cream headache, but the sugar rush is more than worth it in the end.

Lola is currently playing at film festivals. Learn more about the film and watch the trailer at

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