Review of “A Family is a Family is a Family: A Rosie O’Donnell Celebration”

Meet Maya and her sister.

Maya: I’m adopted and she’s not.

Sister: I might have been adopted, but I don’t think I was.

Maya: She has a brother. I don’t.

Sister: True.

Maya: But we’re still both girls. And best — well, almost best friends, right?

Sister: We are best friends.

Maya: Best friends.

Meet Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Can I tell you something? Instead of having [my sister] out of my mommy’s belly, another mom had her and couldn’t take care of her, so we said, “Hey, we can take care of her!” This is my sister, Megan. I’ve never had a sister before, you know, and it just changed my life.

Meet Neil and Cole.

Neil: We’re having a wedding today: Mama and Mommy!

Cole: A wedding is when you get to stay with your family forever, that’s what it means.

Neil: Hey, aren’t those clam things?

Neil’s mom: Clam things? Yes, these are pearls. Your mommy gave them to me on our first Valentine’s Day together. They’re very special, so I always wear them on special occasions.

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