Review of “80 Days” (“80 Egunean”)


Soon they start venturing outside of the hospital, taking in a night at the cinema, where tension is apparent as Axun nuzzles her head into Maite’s arm during a scary part of the film. And when they run into Axun’s niece, Garazi, outside of the theater, Maite is reminded of their platonic friendship when Axun lies and says they were not at the movies, but had just come from the hospital.

A pivotal point happens at the end of the first month, when Maite takes Axun to a small island that she finds quite beautiful. Axun becomes, by her own admission, tipsy on wine and tells Axun, “I like who I am when I’m with you. I feel like the real me.” Maite is silent, staring out into the ocean, before telling Axun “You’re drunk.” But Axun persists, asking if there’s anyone that Maite feels that way about. Maite tells Axun to lie down on the blanket and sunbathe, obviously flustered and not sure how to react.

But after they both lie down to close their eyes, Maite begins reminiscing of a kiss they shared as girls. In the flashbacks, Maite is wearing her dad’s suits and she’s twirling a young Azun around before they begin talking about kissing and their lack of experience. And then the young girls kiss, sweetly, which brings Maite back to the island, staring down onto the lips of her friend.

She slowly leans in to kiss Axun, who allows it for only a second before moving out of the way. She wants to leave, and they do, but only after a series of complications that only makes things more awkward, including the boat getting stuck and the two women falling into the water. Luckily, they are rescued when Maite is able to maintain a cell signal and call for help.

Axun doesn’t know how to process her feelings. While talking with her daughter on the phone, she finds out that her niece Garazi is a lesbian. “It’s fashionable now, isn’t it?” Axun asks, as if she’s contemplating becoming part of the fad. It’s a comical moment in which Axun’s daughter rolls her eyes, maintaining being a lesbian is just normal for some people.

Even if it is all the rage, though, Axun tells Maite “I’m not one of those!” the next time she sees her. Maite can’t help but laugh when Axun says, “I forgive you, for what you did to me.”

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