Regan Latimer on three seasons of “B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye”


AE: Is this really the final season? What if a patron showed up and offered to fund another season?
This is the final season of Fletcher. I’m thrilled that with the financial support of the fans we were able to produce this final installment and give the series a conclusion (and an ending you’ve gotta’ see to believe!). Logistically though, we’re just not able to continue the series without full funding. The modest fundraising campaign we held last summer, gave us enough to cover basic production expenses (food and tech supplies), but cast and crew still work on a volunteer basis and the time commitment is too high when they have bills to be paid! If a patron stepped forward with an offer of full funding, of course we’d love to continue the show. Plenty of adventures remain for these characters to bumble their way through!

AE: You’ve had some great experiences with fans and friends between Seasons 2 and 3.
One of the great things about Fletcher has been the opportunity to meet some amazing people along the way. In 2010, our friends at One More Lesbian invited us to present at OML’s Theatre Nights at the Gay Games in Cologne, Germany, with a number of other awesome shows. Our producer, Rochelle Dancel, had a great time meeting the lovely Bridget McManus. Several of our German and Swiss fans volunteered to translate the show for us — we were bowled over by the support. Lindy and I also did a Toronto Pride event last year with Seeking Simone‘s Renee Olbert at the Toronto Women’s Bookstore. We told the fans to ask anything they wanted – and they did!

AE: If you knew then what you know now, would you do it all again?
Absolutely. Fletcher has been an amazing experience that I feel blessed to have headed. I’ve worked with some amazingly talented people on all levels of the production. Lindy and Dana brought these characters to life with insane comedic and dramatic talent, and a chemistry that is not so easy to come by. It’s been a blast!

AE: What’s next for you and Bee Charmer Productions?
We have some new wicked awesome projects in the pipe that would absolutely appeal to our current Fletcher audience base, so stay tuned for further info on that. We’re looking at doing something in London in the near future. I have a feeling AfterEllen will be kept in the loop!

Join me in thanking Regan and the cast and crew of B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye for three awesome seasons. And tell us how you think the series will end!

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