Regan Latimer on three seasons of “B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye”

AE: And three episodes in, we still don’t know what happened in the 10 months between the end of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3. That’s kind of mean, you know. So when will we know what happened? This is a lesbian series, after all, so surely we’ll see George and B.J. processing their feelings.
“Kind of mean.” [Laughs] Well, I can’t give anything away, but the lesbian processing quota undoubtedly will be met by the end of the series, one way or another.

AE: Does Jenna know about the napkin? If not, will she find out? Is she aware of BJ’s feelings? Does she suspect George is still in love with Fletch?
Jenna does not know about the napkin. In fact, Fletcher doesn’t even know that George has the napkin, let alone that she read it! Fletcher, as always, remains clueless. Jenna, on the other hand — well, I think the underlying unrequited aspect of Fletcher and George’s relationship has been on Jenna’s radar since day one. There was a point in Season 2 when she basically told George to decide where she wants to be, and she trusts that George has made that decision. That said, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the next step Jenna is taking in their relationship has them heading overseas!

AE: So Samantha Steele — what a hottie! Tell us about the actress. Will she be around all season?
Yes, we were blessed this season filming with the hotness of Kimwun Perehinec as Sam Steele. Kimwun is truly wicked awesome to work with — a pro with an extensive theatre, TV, and film background. She actually is very good friends with Lindy Zucker (Fletcher), and together they schemed for her to come and play Fletcher’s doppelgänger. I wrote it into the Season 3 plot, and now we all get to benefit from Kimwun’s charming qualities. Will we see Steele again? You never know where she may pop up!

AE: Can we expect any surprise guests this season?
Maybe, but we have to keep some things a surprise!

AE: Since we haven’t talked to you since year one — tell us when you knew BJ Fletcher: Private Eye was a hit.
We started to see elements of Fletcher‘s popularity fairly early on, which was amazing for us. You have to remember, when we started Fletcher, web video was still very much in its infancy. We had no guides or examples, really, to go by; we figured things out as we went along. Once we jumped over the million views mark and were getting fan mail from all over the world, we all felt really proud about where we’d brought this project.

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