“Real Housewives of New Jersey” recap (5.8): When you gaze into an abyss


Sitting Room

Dr. V arrives. Now I get the point of Dr. V- she’s a crossover promotion from Bravo’s LA shrinks. As soon as Dr. V arrived, Teresa took her aside to get the first word in. “He called me scum. He wants me to admit something I didn’t do, that I started a rumor about Melissa being an ex-stripper.” Dr. V, smiling, tries to get more out of Teresa. “It seems like a lot of what you tell people is being misinterpreted,” Dr. V points out “At some point you’ve got to ask yourself ‘What the fuck is wrong with me?’”

For Teresa Giudice, that point is never. Dr. V hypothesizes that Teresa and her brother’s problems stem from childhood. Teresa, the older sister, helped raised little Joe and so now she’s trying to protect him.

Dining Room

Dr. V greets the gang and briefly opens up the table for discussion. She asks Melissa about the rumors being spread. “It was very hurtful” Melissa says “and I no longer want to help Joe and Teresa because Teresa already helped spread another rumor, this one about me cheating on Joe.” Bickering breaks out so Dr. V takes Joe Gorga into the sitting room to talk privately.

Sitting Room

Joe sadly tells Dr. V that he’s reached a breaking point in the relationship with his sister. “My sister think I’m insecure and jealous,” he explains with shocking clarity, “So by planting this story (about Melissa cheating) it’s to make us fight. That’s the definition of scum.”

“So do you want to make this work with her?” Dr. V asks.

Joe pauses for a long moment. “No.”


Dr. V brings in Teresa so Joe can tell her he’s not ready to repair the relationship.

Dining Room

Caroline, surprising everyone, shows up at the Haunted Stress Relief Mansion. That morning Teresa called her, asking Caroline to come up to help the situation. Earlier in the season Joe Gorga turned to Caroline for help in repairing Teresa and his relationship, so Teresa though Caroline might be able to help now.


Sitting Room

“What’s upsetting to me is our kids or going to get older, our parents are getting older, and we just don’t have that much time” Teresa says with an air of martyrdom. For Joe Gorga not to like Teresa is for Joe Gorga not to like his parents, nieces, or children. Emotional blackmail at it’s finest. When her brother remains firm on not wanting to forgive Teresa, she puts on an uncharacteristically sincere seeming display of emotion. Teresa Giudice, Saint and Family Stone, breaks down into uncontrollable sobs. Poor, sensitive Joe Gorga finally softens. Brother and sister collapse into each others arms, joining together in violent wails and a waterfall of tears. For a long moment, all the hate and resentment and lies dissolve. Wet tears laden with mascara and self-tanner drip from two Gorga faces, and the walls between two siblings crumble.

But for how long?

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