“R&B Divas” recap (Ep. 2) “The Bible is very clear.”


So. To lighten the mood a bit, let’s return to the empowering story of this episode–the Curvato story. This episode is also happening during Mother’s Day, which was the reason for Akemi’s arrival. And on Mother’s Day, Nicci is not only hosting a brunch for the divas and their families, but a fashion show preview for the official launch of Curvato. So she’s a little busy.

A lot of the divas haven’t seen each other’s children in a long time, and the scene at Nicci’s house is a warm and familial one. The only person who isn’t surrounded by family is Faith, who’s a little bummed about it but is keeping on a happy face. Little does she know that Nicci has brought Faith’s daughter, Chyna, in to be part of the fashion show and surprise Faith on the runway. When Nicci meets up with Chyna, she starts crying both from being happy to see her, and from thinking about how happy the surprise will make Faith. The love that these women have for each other is just too much for me, and I should apparently just submit to the fact that I will cry at least once an episode.

The runway show is fabulous, and I love seeing all these ladies strut their stuff. As Nicci describes them, “All of them were curvy. All of them were sexy. All of them were beautiful and empowered.” Yes! We are Curvato, hear us roar!

Monifah is also being hilariously and wonderfully excited during the entire show, making every model pause so she can take their picture and hootin’ and hollerin’ while everyone else is sitting there politely. Basically, Monifah is acting exactly how I would want to act at a fashion show and she is my hero. One of our other divas, Syleena, is also a model for the show, and she is workin’ it.

And then Chyna comes out in the final statement piece of the day. This is how Faith and Chyna react to seeing each other:

Faith keeps saying, “Is that my daughter?” and Monifah next to her exclaims, “It is! Oh, that is so dope!” I agree!

The show ends with Chyna, Akemi, and Brandy, Nicci’s daughter, all giving speeches to their moms. Akemi’s is particularly tear-filled, as she expresses gratitude for where they are after all they’ve been through.

The final line of the episode is Monifah saying it was the best, most joyous Mother’s Day of her life. My mind keeps going back to the “I do not support it” conversation though, and all of my emotions feel shaky and jumbled up.

What did you think? How would you be feeling if you were in Monifah’s shoes?

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