“R&B Divas” recap (3.6): Dresses and Da Brat

Syleena treads this very carefully, saying that yeah, she hasn’t put in the work, BUT, she was part of a very, very big group that sold a whole lot of records. And suddenly it becomes clearer about why the other divas haven’t kicked LaTavia out of the group thus far. Earlier at rehearsal, she gave one of her worst speeches yet, about how the good lord Jesus himself spoke to her in a dream and told her not to step onto that stage again. This caused Monifah to almost spit out her drink, but still, the divas all nod and sit by patiently as LaTavia continues to waffle, when you know they wouldn’t be putting up with this stuff if it was Nicci Gilbert spewing it. But now it makes sense: they don’t want to lose that Destiny’s Child cred. And the hard part is, I can’t blame them for that. They’re sisters in song, yes, but they’re also businesswomen. If LaTavia’s name brings more people out to One Night Only, then they have to carefully value the worth of that.

(Still, though. I’m with Da Brat.)


Finally, it’s time for Meelah’s autism benefit concert, and all the divas are in the house. The club is packed, and the place looks good. But as Meelah gives an introduction, and Musiq Soulchild gets up to perform, it’s just…weird. The vibe in this place is WEIRD. There are a few technical difficulties with the sound, sure, which we’ve come to expect, but everyone seems to be just standing around, bored looks on their faces. It’s painful. Did they not serve alcohol at this thing, or something?

And then Meelah begins to beg the divas to come up on stage, and all of them sit there, stone faced and uncomfortable. They can feel the vibe in the house, and they don’t like it. It also doesn’t appear like any of them actually confirmed that they’d be singing. How could this not have been worked out beforehand?! Meelah is freaking out.


Eventually, though, Keke does the good thing and gets up on stage, even though the sound system isn’t really working, and there’s not a band, and she has to stand and make awkward jokes for a while—oh man, this is so bad—but then she’s like eff it, I’ll just do it acapella. And I only realize now that this is the first time this season we’ve really heard Keke Wyatt sing, because when you hear Keke Wyatt sing, you remember it.


She sings a spiritual that makes Monifah bawl, and even if you don’t believe in Jesus, you believe in this song when Keke sings it. Her talent is unbelievable, raw, awesome. She gives me chills.

And then Angie gets up and prods Syleena into singing too by starting “All Falls Down,” Syleena’s hit with Kanye West, except then Angie steps it up and RAPS KANYE’S PARTS too. MC Angie Stone, y’all. So in the end, the awkwardness eases a bit and the crowd finally starts jamming.


What were your thoughts on this episode? What do you think Monifah’s dress will end up looking like? Also, when can we get Da Brat to come to our side?

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