“R&B Divas” recap (3.6): Dresses and Da Brat

Mo and Terez continue their wedding planning by buying plane tickets (which includes a smooth advertisement for Hawaiian Airlines) and discussing guest lists. Mo still doesn’t quite know who she’s going to invite, and they both agree that whoever she decides on needs to have the right energy. Terez, meanwhile, has her list locked and loaded, because her people, as opposed to Mo’s, are “regular,” she says.


When Mo takes offense at this, and rightly so, Terez explains that her people ask straightforward questions and she gives them straightforward answers and it makes the whole thing a lot easier, as opposed to the drama that tends to ensue with Mo’s people. Mo says, “They let you get away with that?” To which Terez replies: “Who gonn’ check me, boo?” HA! I would, Terez. I would check you. Check you OUT, if you know what I’m sayin’.

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Later, the divas minus Angie head to a wedding dress shop with Mo to try on all those shiny and lacy white pieces of art. This is fuuuuun, even though Monifah seems slightly stressed about it, just because of all the childhood anticipation of THE WEDDING DRESS suddenly becoming real. However, this is where Awkward City starts to take hold, because even though these ladies are all giving critiques and support as she tries on her white dresses, none of them know if they’re invited to the actual wedding or not. Because Mo is still contemplating the “energy.” Girl, I love you, but you can’t invite your ladies to go dress shopping without also inviting them to the wedding!

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So when Meelah finally confronts her about it, Monifah hesitates awkwardly for a moment, arms crossed over her chest. But, of course, she eventually says that she wants them all there. I have to say that, even though I always assumed Keke and Syleena would be there, it doesn’t seem like Mo and Terez are necessarily close enough with Meelah and LaTavia yet to invite them all the way to Hawaii. I know they’re all going for the purpose of the show, and I know I’m going to love seeing them all there together, but still. Anyway, yay for no hard feelings, yay for Hawaii!

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