“R&B Divas” recap (3.4): Suck it up and take a dump

LaTavia decides that to start this process of building herself back up again, she has to begin with talking to her mom about their past. They sit down together and fold baby clothes. LaTavia, clearly uncomfortable, explains what happened at the acting class, and then gets to the heart of it. She says she felt unprotected as a kid because her mother didn’t stand up for her. Her mom responds by saying that at the time, she felt like LaTavia was manipulating her. Because that stuff was something she saw on TV, not something that could actually happen in her own home. From an outsider’s view, this sounds awful, of course. But it’s also an honest explanation of how denial works, and denial can be a powerful drug.

This whole conversation between LaTavia and her mother seems full of healthy, but painful honesty: they’re vulnerable and regretful, but not bitter. And when LaTavia’s mom says, “I am so sorry,” not once, but twice, she says it so genuinely. And when LaTavia says that she doesn’t blame her, she sounds genuine, too. Because here’s the thing: there really is only one person who’s to blame. And he’s not in the room.


Keke, meanwhile, has convinced Lorna to go to therapy. They go to a session together, and it seems to go well. Unlike when Syleena tried to take her resistant mom to therapy, Lorna opens up right away. After talking for just a little while, she says she feels better, and both she and Keke later agree that it was productive and they should continue.


They discuss it in Keke’s kitchen, with Keke in an amazing pair of full on pajamas. After a little cry and a hug, Keke ends out the conversation the way she ends out every conversation when she’s feeling good: with a lot of farts. I think this is actually the first Keke Fart Session of Season Three! It’s impressive that it took this long, really. Is it weird to say I’ve sort of missed them?


We finish out the episode with Meelah’s big performance at Tiffany’s charity event, her first solo performance in a long ass time. She’s understandably nervous, especially when, GUESS WHAT, she and her manager show up for rehearsal and the sound system is shitty. If R&B Divas ever needs a tagline, it should read “R&B Divas Atlanta: CURSE OF THE MICS!” And even though it’s obvious to everyone that the sound is shitty, there ain’t nothin’ anyone can do about it. So instead, Meelah focuses on the positive, like the fact that almost all the divas, with the exception of Angie, have come out to support her–even Mo, who’s still recovering from surgery! That’s some sisters in song, y’all. Meelah gives them her gratitude, explaining that she doesn’t think she’s ever had support from other female artists in her career–like, ever.

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And then it’s showtime! And the crowd and all the divas are up and singing along to the 702 hits, and even though Meelah is definitely nervous, she seems to be having a good time, and she sounds…okay? I don’t know. I don’t think she sounds bad. I think she sounds okay. But, it’s her first concert in a long time, and clearly she is committed to working her voice back up. I’m excited to see how she progresses with the divas.

What were your thoughts on this episode–on Mo’s sucking up, and Meelah and LaTavia’s dumping out?

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