“R&B Divas” recap (3.4): Suck it up and take a dump


Eventually the nightmare is over, praise be, and Terez can comfort her baby. But Mo is still coming back to full consciousness. And to test her, Terez leans over and asks conspiratorially, “Where’d you hide the money?” Monifah groggily agrees that she DID hide something. Didn’t she? Terez nudges her again: “Where did you hide it?” Suddenly Mo shouts, confidently and offended, like she can’t believe Terez would suggest such a thing: “I didn’t hide it here!” A second later, when more light is flowing to her brain, she adds, “Are you messing with me?” I am dying. This is the funniest interaction to ever happen on R&B Divas. Terez is a genius and I love her.


While Monifah is getting her medical makeover, Meelah is blowing full steam ahead at her own makeover: a new, revamped solo career. First she meets with a choreographer friend, Tiffany Murphy, to work on some moves. Tiffany also invites her to perform at a charity event. Then Meelah invites LaTavia to an acting class, so that the two of them can work on a renewed stage presence together. Finally, Miss Meelah meets with stylist Reco Chapple, who is the most Fabulous With a Capital F, for some new sassy outfits. Work – it – girl.

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Diamond shows up again when Angie is working with some clients on some song or other and she brings in her daughter to sing the hook. Aaaaand, I don’t know. As I said last week, I like Diamond, and it sounds like she has a good voice. But I just feel bored by the continuation of her storyline. It’s like my brain only has room for so many divas, and it’s already at its saturation point. Anything else just bounces right off.

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