“R&B Divas” recap (3.10): Love is a Verb

But whereas Ashanti just continues to roll his eyes and ignore the subject, Michael acknowledges his wife’s emotions as valid, and promises her she’ll get a proper ceremony someday. Hurray for Michael, the best husband on the show, who hasn’t said anything homophobic in a long time, and seems to be enjoying himself thoroughly at this very gay wedding! And you know it’s a gay wedding because there is some divine woman in a tux there that the camera splashes past a few times. WHO IS THIS WOMAN; WE MUST KNOW.

3divas10screencap20 YES, YOU. LET’S DANCE.

The evening ends the way it should, with Keke Wyatt’s voice. She sings the song I think we all have memorized now, the country ballad “You,” and I don’t mind a bit.


Little tiffs and differences aside, the episode ends with every single diva feeling good about where they are and who they are, and their commitment to each other as divas and humans. People always say reality TV is shallow, but this episode doesn’t feel shallow at all. Thanks for letting us be a part of it, Mrs. and Mrs. Carter-Thorpe.

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