“R&B Divas” recap (3.10): Love is a Verb

They exchange vows that are so sweet I can’t even repeat them, because my tears will clog up my keyboard. But at least I wouldn’t be alone, because everyone in the crowd is dabbing at their eyes, too. When Monifah finishes hers, she reaches her arms up to Terez’s face, so moved by the moment that she wants to bring her lips to hers right then and there, but then she remembers that they haven’t gotten to that part yet, and puts them back down. The bishop promises that they’ll get there, and everyone giggles. But in a few minutes, they do get there, and then the lovely lady bishop introduces them, for the first time, as Mrs. and Mrs. Carter-Thorpe.

3divas10screencap17That Wendy Williams, always ruining the moment!

It’s historic, and genuine, and lovingly done. And now it’s time to paaaaarty.


Monifah comes out in a shorter, sassier dress, better to dance the night away with. As they wine and dine, the diva table expresses some longing for having similar ceremonies for themselves. Oh, that bittersweet feeling we’ve all experienced at weddings! It appears not many of the other divas have actually been able to have weddings like this; Keke’s gotten married twice at a courthouse, and Angie’s still waiting for Ashanti to commit, even though she drops even more pleas on this trip, including catching the bouquet.

3divas10screencap19She’s really just the cutest.

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