“R&B Divas” recap (3.10): Love is a Verb

But now that Keke’s got that matter ticked off her list, she moves swiftly on to the next one: Ashanti being kind of a shady manager. When Angie starts to feel offended, she gets up from the table, but when Ashanti hears what’s going on, he comes back over with her to confront Keke. And this is when I really begin to dislike Ashanti. Yes, Keke is sort of on a tear right now, and I know Ashanti is feeling some type of testosterone-fueled defense shield flying up, but his body language alone is too aggressive for me when he approaches her, glaring and hovering above her at the table. And then when he doesn’t like what she’s yelling about, he calls for Michael to come “get his woman,” which is irritating at best and misogynistic at worst. He then silences her, refusing to respond to anything she says. Anyway, nothing’s actually clearer about the tour situation afterwards anyway, except for the fact that Ashanti is indeed a jerk. But in the end the ladies are still fine with each other, and I still love Keke, even with her inclination to bring up drama at inappropriate times.


But let’s get back to the main business at hand! Because now, now, now, it is finally time. We’ve arrived at the wedding day. Monifah and her mom, Eleanor, get their makeup done, and Eleanor says that she’s happy for her, and Mo says she knows, and when the camera views them both in profile, it’s so easy to see one in the other. Everyone takes their seats outside, and the sun is shining, and everything feels pure and right and nice. There’s this elaborate bridge thing over a circular pool, and there’s flowers everywhere, and a sheaf of fabric swaying in the wind that the brides and their mothers are about to walk through. Angie, Syleena, and Keke make a few statements to the camera about why they support equal marriage, why they feel privileged to be there, because they are good and decent human beings. Then Terez makes her entrance first, and she’s wearing this pant suit, and her hair is piled on top of her elegant head, and she looks so graceful I could die. Her mother is looking equally as proud and fierce in a wonderfully printed shirt and cap. And then out comes Mo.


Monifah doesn’t need your traditional white wedding dress, y’all. She’s designed her own, and it’s black, and it’s beautiful. Eleanor meets her halfway and leads her up the aisle, and then she and Terez stand across from each other and radiate a glow to knock out the sun. Monifah’s face looks so peaceful, so smooth, so happy, it’s almost angelic.


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