“R&B Divas” recap (3.10): Love is a Verb


Other than the whole beautiful wedding thing that happens later, my favorite scene of the episode is the next one, when Angie Stone and Ashanti decide that surf lessons are a good idea. Angie drags along Syleena and Syleena’s husband Kiwane as a type of double date, in a good faith effort of healing some of their recent tour-deception wounds. It’s fun seeing Kiwane with Syleena, as we don’t see him on screen often, although he apparently “doesn’t do” anything involving water. So while he’s there for moral support, it’s only Syleena, Angie, and Ashanti actually getting into blue wetsuits and attempting to take to the waves. And “moral support” for Kiwane translates into sitting on a beach chair, sipping a flower-adorned drink and shouting encouragements, while the rest of them continually fall on their asses. Eventually Angie crawls onto the shore on all fours, and the others soon stumble in behind, soaked and completely bedraggled. Syleena declares her hatred for everyone. It is one of the best things I have ever seen.

3divas10screencap8Oh, go to hell, Kiwane!

They continue to do a variety of both Hawaiian and wedding activities: they all attend a luau; Angie and Ashanti go kayaking; Mo and Terez have a ceremony rehearsal with their adorable mamas. As soon as they’re done with the rehearsal, in a fitting twist of magic, fireworks start exploding over the water. Monifah says it feels like a sign from God telling them they’re doing the right thing.


Mo and Terez presumably head back to the hotel to prepare for their Big Day tomorrow after the surprise firework show. The other ladies, however, sit at the hotel bar, and the cocktails start to sink in. At least, the cocktails start to sink in for Keke. In fact, I think the cocktails have been saturating Keke’s cells this whole entire trip. Which I am totally okay with. She sits down with Meelah and LaTavia and almost immediately asks LaTavia, flat out, “Are you a diva?” To which LaTavia obviously responds that she is. When she’s pushed on this fact a little, she responds that she “never got the memo” that to be a diva you had to be a singer. OH, okay, you guys, I finally get it. She never got the memo that explained what the name of this TV show is or that it’s about women who sing! She must have thought she was going on a completely different reality show! How confusing for her.


We do learn in this conversation, though, that Keke TOTALLY LOVES Ellen DeGeneres, which I find important to note, and that LaTavia does in fact still possess vocal chords. Because when Angie and Keke press her enough, she busts out a few lines from “Feeling Good,” which seems to end the conversation in happiness and applause. I’m still unimpressed, but hey, yay for happiness and applause!

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