“R&B Divas” recap (2.4): Here Comes Momma


Later, they rush around for a fashion shoot for Curvato before Nicci realizes that they don’t have any clothes for said fashion shoot, which she yells at Brandi a lot for before she realizes that it’s actually her fault. Oh man. Sloppy sloppy sloppy.


And finally, the most heartbreaking storyline o’ the week is Syleena’s. Her sister Sylette comes over to her house to discuss their mom, who apparently is not doing well. She’s struggled with addiction her entire life, and seems to be at a point now where, if her kids don’t go in and drag her out of it, she’ll die. Sylette believes the best place for her to be is at Syleena’s house, because Syleena has the space and also the most stuff going on, which will help keep their mom busy and not thinking about drugs and alcohol and such. This prompts a whole lotta tears streaming down Syleena’s face, for a few reasons:

1) She doesn’t think her mom likes her. Actual words: “I don’t think she likes me.” Which is perhaps the literal saddest thing one can say about their mother.

2) Syleena believes she is a bad mother because she’s away from her kids so much. (Although the fact that she missed Monifah’s show last week because it was her son’s birthday proves that she in fact is not.) Accordingly, she doesn’t think she can be a good daughter when she’s already busy being a bad mom. Frowny face.

3) This also makes me think of the tough episode with Syleena’s dad from last season, all of which paints a not so happy picture of her and her sisters’ childhood. Syleena! Stop it with this heartache!

Since Monifah has experience with overcoming addiction, and since she’s the “life coach” of the group, Syleena decides to hit her up for advice, which ends up being one of my favorite scenes of the episode. When Syleena shares the news that her mother may be moving in with her, Mo reacts like this:

Syleena shares some of her fears, which Mo assures her are understandable. Mo tells her what she needs to know: that she can’t let anyone–even when it’s your momm–shake the foundations of your family that you’ve built so hard to build. She then says this, which I absolutely love: “[Your mom] made her choices. And I’m not saying you can’t love her through. But you ain’t gotta take her baggage on.” This is such valuable advice for so many people in so many situations. You can still love them through without ruining yourself. WORD.

When Mom does indeed show up at Syleena’s, things get off to a predictably rocky start. Syleena begins to lay down some ground rules, which makes Mom defensive immediately. And when Mom is prompted to tell Syleena that she really does love her, I can tell that Syleena still doesn’t quite believe her. Which continues to break my heart. Ack!

But they then move into the bedroom where Mom will be staying, and a rough progress begins to be made. Everyone admits that living together and working through old wounds isn’t going to be an easy process, but it’s a process that might end up being good for all of them. And they start the process right there and then, with Syleena explaining that her mom calling her and her sisters bitches as they were growing up was damaging. (You think?) Mom admits that she can hardly remember saying the things she did but that she’s sorry for them, and she sounds genuine about it. She also admits that bringing this type of stuff up only makes her want to go and drink even more. Basically I think everything everyone is saying is brave and true and hard and I really hope they continue showing us this storyline throughout the rest of the season. Again, like a lot of the best storylines on this show, I think it’s one that could help a lot of people.

What were your thoughts on this week’s Divas?

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