“R&B Divas” recap (2.4): Here Comes Momma

But the main event for LaTocha this episode is an Xscape reunion performance for So So Def Record’s 20th anniversary party, the record label founded by Jermaine Dupri in the early ‘90s that’s based in Atlanta. Xscape was their first signed artist and also one of their most successful ones, along with other ‘90s classics like Ghost Town DJ’s (My Boo!), Da Brat, and Kriss Kross, whom Dupri discovered at an Atlanta shopping mall back in the day. (This episode of R&B Divas was dedicated to Chris Kelly, the 34 year old Kriss Kross member who died earlier this month. RIP!)

And when I say that Xscape is going to be performing at this So So Def party, it’s really just LaTocha and her sister, as the other members of the group are apparently not going to show up. But this is alright, since LaTocha and her sister Tameka are mighty fine by themselves. I loved watching LaTocha get her serious face on as she fussed over the music being just right at rehearsal, and giving Jermaine guff over his suggestions. When it came to show time, there was a packed house at the Fox Theater, including some pretty heavy hitter names, and LaTocha gave it her all while also wearing the teeny tiniest shorts! Seriously though, seeing some of these ladies really starting to reinvigorate their careers again is a crazy wonderful thing to watch.


While LaTocha was full of success and hope this week, Nicci’s storylines, on the other hand, were all real sloppy. First we see her daughter Brandi again, who has apparently had her own job and her own place to live for approximately two seconds. But surprise! She lost the job and is gonna move back in with Nicci again. Nicci says she can work for her at Curvato while Brandi works on her real dream, which is starting a nonprofit for youth, something she had also mentioned last season. This is all good and everything, but if you actually want to start a nonprofit, girl, you best be taking some business classes while you’re there living with your momma.

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