“R&B Divas” recap (2.3): Purple Carpet Time

And after all the fun on the carpet, her girlfriend gets to introduce her on stage, calling her the “purple princess.” Life is sweet.

On stage, Mo performs with what Faith calls a “glow” in her spirit, while Terez watches lovingly from the sidelines. At the end, all the divas join her on stage for “Touch It.”

Amazingly enough, Keke then takes to the drums, and kills it. Who knew girl could rock the drums? Not me! All the divas are laughing and living it up and having a great time and this is what I love; this is what I would go see a tour of in a heartbeat. Angie takes the mic for a moment to say of Monifah’s realness: “Her voice matches her spirit.”

And there’s a little more e-blast tour drama after that, but I’d rather the episode just end here.

What did you think of Mo’s show? Keke’s percussion skills? Do you think this tour will ever actually happen, or more importantly, how much of this season do you think will be taken up with nonsense over it?

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