“R&B Divas” recap (2.3): Purple Carpet Time

Keke is also in New York for some personal business of her own; she and Michael meet up with some peeps at the North Star group to negotiate increased management of the Keke Wyatt brand so Michael doesn’t have to do it all himself. Like most things involving Keke, this meeting proceeds to be half entertaining and half awkward. While Keke is obviously excited to be meeting with these people, she also rolls her eyes and makes a stink anytime Michael mentions wanting to back off from the business side of things so he can spend more time actually being her husband. When he asks her, “Isn’t it a relief?” about him playing less of a business role, she just says, “No.” I don’t really get this. Isn’t it sweet that he wants this? But I think her reaction hearkens back to her dependency issues from last season; I think while she wants her career to get bigger, it’s also scary for her to have anyone other than Michael in absolute control of her life.

And maybe it’s some of that anxiety that manifests itself in her laughing and making faces during the business meeting, until she starts in on some signature Keke Wyatt belching. Which she does apologize for, but eesh. The woman from the North Star group says, “I told you she was colorful.” But her business partner is prompted to ask Keke, “Have you ever had a no joke business meeting?” He asks if she’s able to go 15 minutes without the antics, just straight business. At which she gets her serious game face on immediately and responds, “Try me.”

The tour is also brought up, which Keke has been staunchly refusing up until this point because of her belief that it’s an old lady tour, and she ain’t old. The management company basically tells her to get off her high horse. Thank you! I think this meeting was successful in the end business wise, while also perhaps being a good wake up call.

And while Keke lists Prince and Michael Jackson as artists that these people have been behind in the past, no credit at all is given to the current sparkling face of Janelle Monae which is also so pleasantly situated behind their head.

Yes, I think you want to work with these people.

But on to the main event! All the divas get together before Monifah’s show. The e-blast about the tour is brought up again, as some of the ladies haven’t seen it, and they all agree that they feel disrespected by it. What they disagree on is whose fault it is: Nicci, obviously, vehemently blames Syleecia Johnson. Keke does step up and say hey, “Syleecia’s a very sweet person,” which I’m glad for, because it does seem like she’s a very sweet person. The e-blast was from a booking agent, not Syleecia. Anyhoo, Angie sort of rounds everybody up and says that drama aside, we are all “bad sisters” and people love us and we could make this tour happen on our own terms if we want. And they decide to shift the focus of the night to where it belongs, on Mo. It’s so nice to see some semblance of unity again.

They arrive at the show for Monifah’s “purple carpet,” and how much do I love that she has a purple carpet? I love it a lot.

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